Reasons Why You Should Play Teen Patti

It is a highly entertaining card game based on 3-card poker. The players of the game can be 2 or up to 6 to make it more interesting. Here are the reasons why you have to play.

  • Easy To Learn

There is nothing difficult in playing Teen Patti. The rules are simple and easy to follow. Before the start of the game, an agreed number of cards is dealt to choose the dealer. Each player, beginning from the one next to the dealer then makes a bet. The bet is done by putting up an ante into the pot.
It is also easy to learn how to play online Teen Patti. You have to place your bet the same way you do physically. A random dealer is selected and each player receives 3 cards.

  • You Can Make Money

You stand a chance of making money from your stake when you play with friends or play online for real money. The winning player gets the pot which contains all the stakes of each player.

  • It’s A Great Game To Play At Home With Your Friends

The game can be played sometimes by up to 10 players at a time. It gives the opportunity for friends to socialize and bond. It is also perfect for relaxing with family and for meeting new people.

  • Teen Patti Works Great Online And In Real Life

You can have the same fun and benefits of this game when playing online or physically with friends. You have to make use of the same strategies and the same moves. Moves like playing blind, chaal play, sideshow, tie, and pack exist online and in the real-life version.

  • You Don’t Need A Big Bankroll

When playing the game with friends and family, you don’t need so much money to join the game. You all can agree on a little sum of money as the boot money. Also, when you play online, you don’t need so much money to set your stake.

  • It’s A Game Of Skill

Teen Patti requires strategy and skill. You have to make a lot of calculations in your mind to make the right move in the game. As you play this game, you continue to master it and develop skills that can help you in real life.

While poker often takes the spotlight at casinos, Teen Patti is in fact one of the most popular games in live online casinos in India. When comparing Teen Patti vs Poker, the former game has a huge advantage over the latter due to its simplicity and the quicker speed of play. Both these factors make it much easier to pick up the rules and perhaps less intimidating overall to learn how to play. However, both games do in fact lend nicely to each other, allowing players to move easily between the two. Therefore, if a player is looking for a new entertaining game at an online casino and has some experience with poker, Teen Patti is an excellent choice.