Why you never seem to win at the slots

Slots have several attractive qualities, including jackpots, bonus features and interesting themes. Many gamblers are attracted to these benefits. However, one of the major drawbacks of slots is that they seem to be incomparable. Your money usually disappears from the slots much faster than any other casino game.

In this article, I will describe why it feels like you can’t win with slots and the reality behind the situation.

The RTP is misleading

Every slot machine is programmed to offer a certain RTP. For example, a slots with an RTP of 96% will return an average of $0.96 for every $1 bet.

You definitely want to play games with high payout rates as much as possible. But even if you play a game with a high RTP, you can still lose a lot of money. Slots are extremely volatile games that offer unpredictable short-term results. Volatility refers to the consistency of short-term results relative to the average.

Due to the volatility, you may win more money using a slots with a 90% return rate compared to a slots with 96% RTP. Volatility is affected by a number of factors, including jackpot size, payout size and RTP. Of these, the jackpot and payout amount play the biggest role.

By combining games with small jackpots and other small prizes, you can win more often. These slots can afford to pay out more frequently because they don’t have huge payouts at the top. Also, slots with huge jackpots and other big prizes are very volatile. They must pay for occasional big wins and cannot offer frequent payouts without costing the casino money.

You need to win big to feel like a winner

Regardless of the volatility of the slots, you need to win big to be a winner. Slots are not designed to offer large payouts in a short period of time, such as baccarat or blackjack. Instead, they offer only occasional prizes compared to the number of bets you make.

Even on a 50 line slots, you may only get a payout once in every five spins. In this case, you win on average only one out of 250 chances (5 x 50).

Even during a winning streak, you may only get a few prizes every five spins. On the same 50 line slot, this frequency corresponds to 5 to 10 wins out of 250 chances.

Your winnings will be spread out

As mentioned above, you will eventually need to spend a lot of money in order to win at slots. Unfortunately, these jackpots don’t come around very often. You may have to spin the reels hundreds of thousands or even millions of times before you get a big payout.

You must accept the fact that your winnings will be spread over multiple sessions. You may lose 10 times in a row before you finally leave the casino as a winner.

Part of the reason for this is that slots are negative anticipation games. Of course, all banked casino games come with negative expectations to some degree. On average, you may win in 9 out of 20 baccarat games. But with slots, you may only profit from two out of 20 sessions.

Tips to improve your slots jackpot

The strategic level of slots is different from many other casino games. However, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of winning. Here are some tips to help you earn more through slots.

  • Play less volatile slots

No slots pay out with really high frequency, but less volatile slots do offer better short-term winning opportunities. The key aspect to consider is payout size. Generally speaking, games with smaller progressive jackpots and other prizes pay out more frequently.

Conversely, you may want to avoid slots with large progressive jackpots. Providers usually seed these payouts with a large sum of money ( such as $100,000 to $1,000,000), which means they need a lot of money back.

An inconsistent slots will have a small progressive jackpot, but there are several jackpots that can lead to large payouts. These types of games also pay out less frequently to compensate for the lucrative bonus features.

  • Find games with a high RTP

Simply playing slots with a good RTP does not guarantee a high winning percentage. However, you can definitely increase your chances of winning in the long run by playing high payout slots consistently.

Online slots are usually the best games to get favorable payout percentages. Online casinos do not have as high overhead costs. This means that their slots have higher payouts than slots at brick and mortar casinos.

  • Making the Most of Comps

Casino bonuses aren’t as valuable as most gamblers think they are. But VIP bonuses do help your bottom line to some extent. You will be automatically compensated at most online casinos. All you have to do is play real money slots to earn the loyalty bonus.

Land-based casinos require you to sign up for their VIP program. After this is done, you will receive a slot club card to track your play.

Cashback is generally the best compensation you can receive at an online or physical gambling venue. This benefit returns a percentage (usually 0.1%) of the amount you wager.

Other loyalty benefits will vary depending on whether you play online or at a physical venue. Online casinos offer free spins, deposit bonuses and birthday gifts to their guests.

Land-based casinos have a much wider range of offerings. Their compensation can include free drinks, meals, hotel stays, limousines, nightclub bottle service and show tickets.

  • There are stop win and stop loss limits

You should always have a predetermined plan before you enter the casino. You want to set stop win and stop loss limits for slots or any other game. Both of these limits are predetermined points at which you plan to exit the game that day. The goal is to minimize your losses.


Slots can be a frustrating experience when the losses add up. Worse yet, you may not know why you keep losing.

But by knowing exactly why the slots offer such inconsistent wins, you will feel better about it. In addition, you can adopt a better money management plan to absorb losses. The key to all of this is to be smart about your money management. As long as you don’t bet more than you can afford to lose, then you can play the slots.