Is it a mystery to make money with slots odds?

Slots are a type of gambling machine that can often be found in casinos or entertainment establishments that specialize in slots. The game is played by putting ” coin ” into the machine, then the screen will randomly scroll with different patterns. When the machine is stopped, if the same or a specific pattern is connected, the winner will win according to its odds.

It is called a slots machine because of the low winning rate of the bets. Like entering a tiger’s mouth, there is no return.

Understanding Slots Odds Calculations to Know How to Bet

Most of the online slots nowadays are multi-line machines, unlike the early slots. According to Darwin’s natural selection, they must have been eliminated because they did not meet the modern environment.

According to research, you can probably know a thing or about slots through their algorithms. High winning rates and high RTP are more accepted by the public. Now let’s calculate the winning rates and returns of the early slots!

RTP (Return to Player): The total amount of money a slots machine will spit out.
For example, RTP 95% = 95% of all players’ bets will be turned into jackpots for everyone to win. So actually, the dealer only earns 5% of all players’ bets.

The most basic slots will have at least 7 different patterns. Let’s look at the highest odds of winning, assuming each pattern appears with the same frequency. The odds of getting a cherry out of 7 patterns is 1/7, and as long as there is a cherry. It is considered a win in the slots.

The lowest odds of winning are 1/7 and the jackpot is 2 times. This equates to betting $100 each time and losing 500 after winning. The highest odds of winning at 500 are 1/7 X 1/7 X 1/7 = 1/343. Thus, if you bet $100 each time, you would have to bet at least 343 times to win the jackpot, which cost $34,300.

Basically, the only way to win at slots is to hit the jackpot, and low odds will only get you back a little.
The conclusion is that every time you spin a slots you are losing money until you can spin to a high payout jackpot at this time is to earn back. Otherwise every time the small and medium jackpot for you is not helpful.

Advice for Beginners

It is recommended to choose multi-line slots games because the odds of winning a small prize are much higher, giving you more chances to try for the big prize, and that’s not even mentioning the free games part of the slots.
If you successfully switch to free games, you will be given several additional free spins and the odds will be several times higher than the original ones. When you compare the two, you can see that slots are easier to win in online casinos.