7 Tips for Finding Great Online Slots

When it comes to playing online slots, you are certainly not short of options. The online gaming world has thousands of different slots in many casinos. You may even find this huge diversity to be a problem when trying to find great games. Fortunately, you can quickly narrow down the selection with a few simple suggestions.

Here are seven tips for choosing high-quality online slots.

1 – Consider your favorite theme

You probably know very well what type of themes you like in games. For example, games based on sports or movies. When browsing through the casino slots, you should definitely keep your favorite themes in mind. For example, if you don’t care much about gold mining, then you can skip any games that involve that angle.

Of course, I am not suggesting that you completely discount any games that are out of your range. Sometimes the big slots deal with topics you are not interested in. Assuming you play these games, you will probably enjoy them gradually, despite the subject matter. Overall, you want to have a good understanding of the story you care about before looking for a new slot.

2 – View Betting Options

One of the most overlooked aspects of online slots is the betting options. Many players will only consider these options once they have found a game that matches their interests.

The first thing to consider in this regard is the minimum bet. Assume that you only want a slots that will allow you to play fairly cheaply. Most online slots require you to play all lines. For example, on a 25-line slot machine, you may have to bet at least one cent on each line. Other games may require you to wager a total of $0.50 to $1. These slots may exceed your budget, depending on how you manage your casino funds.

If you are a big gambler, then you will want to have enough freedom with the max bet. You may not be happy with a slots that only allow you to bet up to $5 per spin. But you can find many games that allow bets worth hundreds of dollars.

The game options should also take your choice into account. Autoplay, doubling, sound effects on/off and acceleration are some of the options you should consider when choosing a game.

3 – Decide what jackpot you want to chase

An exciting aspect of online slots is that you can win millions of dollars worth of jackpots. These games let you dream while you spin the reels.

However, you will find that some of the slots with smaller progressive jackpots are also fun. These games may not give you the chance to win life-changing money, but they are still worth playing. Some slots have smaller progressive jackpots, but have a variety of bonus features. In the right circumstances, these jackpots can lead to huge payouts.

If you’re looking for a jackpot, you’ll also need to consider the jackpot. Usually, if such slots have a noteworthy maximum payout, they will advertise that they pay out up to X times your principal.

4 – Understanding the volatility

Volatility is a term used to describe how much short-term results can fluctuate. This is another factor that is overlooked when choosing a slot. It is very important because it determines how often you get paid. High volatility slots usually have big jackpots or several bonuses. However, these games pay out less frequently to compensate for the huge jackpots at the top.

5 – Find RTP

RTP refers to the amount of money the game is programmed to return over the long term. The key here is “long term”, because RTP does not have much impact on your short term returns.

Therefore, you have to consider volatility to calculate how much you will be paid in any given session. But if you want to play a game that offers higher payout potential, RTP is still crucial.

If you have a favorite slots and play them regularly, the payoff becomes even more important. A favorite slots with high RTP can be a perfect match. As time goes by, your chances of making money are higher.

6 – Consider your favorite developer

Dozens of companies provide slots to online casinos. Each of these providers has its own unique design style and talent. You won’t immediately know which developer you like best. But over time, you may end up liking the game design from one or more providers.

7 – Play free online slots before betting real money

Another thing to consider when looking for your future favorite slots is the free mode. Almost every online casino allows you to play for free after you sign up for an account. Online slots are almost always available in free mode. Some casinos may limit the amount of money you receive for playing. However, others allow you to play as many free slot games as you want.

In any situation, you should take advantage of free games before making a deposit. Not only will you be able to determine which slots you like, but you will also be able to decide if the casino is right for you.


You don’t have to let the huge selection of online slots overwhelm you. Instead, you can quickly find great games by keeping a few things in mind. First, determine exactly what you are looking for based on the theme. You should only choose games with a story or characters that you find appealing.

Another important step is to pay attention to the minimum bet. This determines how much money you have to spend to play. The size of the jackpot is another key factor. Assuming you want to get rich with slots, you will need to play six-figure games or higher to make your dreams come true.

Of course, the size of the jackpot also affects the volatility of the game. Low volatility periods determine how often you get paid. You should also consider the RTP. Over time, the higher the RTP, the better your chances of making money from the game.

You may end up falling in love with some slot developers. In this case, you should choose a casino that has your favorite provider. Finally, free online slots are a great way to find the game of your choice. All you have to do is register and start playing for free.