8 Slot Machine Words You Must Know

The slot machine is a game machine made by Sittman & Pitt, a Brooklyn-based company, with three reels inside and a coin hole outside, as well as a lever to start the machine, which is pulled after betting coins on the machine, and different patterns are randomly generated on the machine screen.


Jackpots are only awarded on Progressive Jackpot Slot machines. Each time a player bets, a portion of the jackpot will be left in the jackpot pool. When someone spins with 3 coins, the jackpot is awarded to that player. Jackpot is divided into two types of accumulation:

  • Sap is the jackpot that is accumulated from the bets placed on that slot machine.
  • Lap is the jackpot that is accumulated on “most slot machines”.

There are many different ways to accumulate and pay out, so remember to check the jackpot of the slot machine before you play!


RTP is an acronym for “return to player”, which means the bonus that the slot machine gives back to the player. The Slot RTP shows the percentage of the game’s return to the player’s bet. The higher the percentage, the better it is for the player.However, it does not mean that it is easy to win, but that the player will get a higher total winnings.

For example, when the Slot RTP is 85%, it means that the player will win $8,500 when he bets $10,000. But it is not certain who will win and how much he will win.
Generally speaking, the RTP will fall between 85% to 95%, but of course, these RTP figures are the secret of the casino!

Pay Table

Pay Table is presented in the form of a table, and the contents are the odds when the pattern is won. Generally, slot machine jackpots are calculated based on odds, and if you place a higher bet, you will receive a larger payout. The pay table will detail the odds for each pattern connection, and the pattern connection is closely related to the next Win Line.

Win Lines

Win Lines are the rules of the winning connection. There is only one win line in traditional slot machine games, the middle one. But with the increasing number of slot machine types, the win lines of each slot machine are gradually diversifying. You can even choose to buy only specific win lines, and most of the slot machines on the market today are “multi-line slots” with basically more than 20 win lines. When you play slot machines you must first see how to connect to win!

Feature Game

Feature games are additional bonuses for fulfilling special conditions and there are two main types of games. Free Game and Bonus Game. Generally, the game where we put in coins and turn to get bonuses is called the Base Game. In order to make the machine more attractive, these feature games have been added. The feature games appear in different ways, including specific patterns, special combinations, random appearances and so on. These feature games are not quite in the realm of slot games, but the rewards are generally very generous.

Bonus Symbol

Bonus Symbols can be found on newer slots and can trigger a slot game into a free game or a bonus game, and there are two main types of bonus symbols: Scatter and Wild, which have different meanings in slot games.


Scatter is a special symbol that appears on the screen and does not have to follow the rules of the payline, but only needs to appear in a certain number to enter the bonus. Most slot machines today offer free spins if you collect three scatters. Depending on the type of game, there are additional bonuses. This is the most popular pattern for multi-line slots.


Wild can replace any pattern in the game except Scatter. The wilds in slot machines are subdivided into Sticky Wild, Expanding Wild, Shifting Wild, Stacked Wild, Random Wild and so on. There are so many items that the chance of winning is greatly increased, but wilds are not usually found in traditional slot machines.