7 simplest tips for buying lottery tickets

Although there is a lot of luck involved in buying lottery tickets, but for veteran lottery players who have been buying lottery tickets for years, they can still sum up some common skills.

The following are the 7 simplest tips for buying lottery tickets

1. Buy a lottery ticket without caring much, and insist on getting the maximum return with a small investment.
There is no need to be deliberately demanding in choosing numbers. The “trend” of the lottery draw numbers is not clear to anyone, from the fuzzy to inadvertently break out some inspiration. Such as boldly choosing multiple numbers in a row, single selection of large or small numbers, all odd or all even, etc.

2.You can choose a particular number before each specific draw date by timing your bets.
You should not be too formal in your philosophy of number selection. Instead of seeing a number after the draw and being surprised by it, you should be able to make your own strange moves when betting. This is what you should tell yourself every time you pick a number, and be determined not to pick the number that should pop up.

3.Pay attention to the numbers that have not appeared in the last 10 periods.
The lottery tickets that did not win in the past are not waste paper but treasure. Since the lottery ticket bought at the time did not win a single number, it means that the selected number is too far away from the lottery trend. But if it matches the recent lottery numbers by more than two, pick it up and take your chances.

4.Remember the hot numbers in the recent lottery results.
Reuse numbers that are not favored by you. The biggest bets can’t cover all the numbers. There are numbers that you have to give up no matter what.
It is better to give up the unpopular numbers than to give up the numbers that are most popular with you.

5.The best dark horses are selected from the cold numbers.

Perverse thinking about lottery trends. For the last lottery numbers of hot and cold, large and small, even and odd trends. Either follow them completely or reverse them completely. The most undesirable thing is to follow part of it and reverse part of it.

6.From the last hot number to grasp the next hot number.
The number of tails to determine the number of appearances, the 36 election 7 lottery numbers will generally pop up 5 to 7 tails, but there may only pop up 3 to 4 tails. Usually, 3~4 tail numbers can contain 4~6 lottery numbers. So why not choose only 3~4 numbers so that the selected numbers do not exceed the range of these numbers.

7.You should have sufficient reasons to believe in your ability to select numbers.
Pay attention to the accidental numbers. All kinds of mistakes are everywhere in life, so is buying and playing the lottery. An inadvertent mistake is a kind of chance, and it is another form of “lottery“.