5 Common Online Casino Mistakes

Whether you’re betting at a traditional casino or an online casino, using an unthinking betting strategy is not an option. You need to be aware of things like RTP, licensing, game types, etc. As simple as it may sound, most gamblers reduce their chances of winning by making avoidable mistakes. So, here is a list of some common mistakes to avoid to help you with your online betting problems.

Choosing the wrong online casino

In the world of casinos, if the casino looks too good to be true, it probably isn’t. Currently, hundreds of rogue online casinos are trying to cheat players out of their hard earned cash. Often, these casinos package themselves as very attractive options and offer incredible welcome bonuses.

But fortunately, there are many reputable online casinos out there. To find out if a casino is trustworthy, check all the licensing information. Regulated casinos have licenses from the UKGC, MGA, and more. In addition, these casinos offer games that have been tested for fairness by independent organizations such as eCOGRA and iTech Labs, Technical Systems Testing (TST).

Use of aliases when registering with a casino

Of all the common mistakes on this list, this one is the most likely to cost you an incredible jackpot. Often new players tend to register their accounts using false credentials. This could be an alias, an email address, someone else’s phone number, or even a fake profile picture.

It is always professional to use your exact identification information when creating an account. That’s because casinos look for the weakest excuses to deny players their winnings. Therefore, be honest and transparent with your wagering information.

Underestimating the game

After finding the right online casino and creating an account, it is time to choose the perfect game to play. Of course, players are eager to play the shiny and over-hyped slots. In fact, most casinos attach their welcome bonuses to online slots.

Although slots are the best selling online casino games. But there is a problem! Slot machines are usually games of luck. In other words, playing these games does not require any special skills. However, this deprives the player of the ability to control the outcome of the game. Therefore, in the long run, skill-based games such as poker and blackjack are likely to be more profitable to play.

Not researching casino RTP

As mentioned above, it is reckless to log on to any online casino and start playing the most stylish games on offer. If this is the case, then you may simply hand over your wallet to the casino without wasting valuable gaming time.

RTP (Return to Player) is an online casino game mechanism that determines how much a player will win in the end. For example, if you choose to play a blackjack game with an RTP of 98%, this means that you will win $98 for every $100 wagered. So, stay on the high end of things. Only play slot games with an RTP of over 96%, as this is the industry average.

Not quitting at the right time

Learning to admit defeat can be a lifesaver in a complex casino environment. Many players just don’t know when to quit or continue playing. It is advisable to stop playing when the losses start piling up, as your money is already at risk.

Interestingly, it is better to quit when you are ahead. Remember, the casino advantage works behind the scenes to stop your winning run as soon as possible. So, leave when you get to your money or when things don’t go well.


Do you need more casino betting tips? The above five should be enough to get you success as soon as possible. But please always know that most of these mistakes will bother both experienced players and beginners. So, find the right casino, choose the right games and play within your limits.