Best 5 international lotteries recommended for you

With the advancement of the internet, you can now easily play international lottery tickets as well. You can win global lotteries with just a few clicks. All you really need to win the game is to buy tickets! Take a chance and have fun playing the lottery. Maybe you’ll soon be a millionaire to follow! Let us show you the 5 international lotteries that can make you rich overnight.

SuperEna Lotto

Since of the climbing up jackpot rewards, it is a prominent Italian lottery and is fairly prominent. One of the greatest pots ever before won in the SuperEna Lottery was in the year 2010. It was won by a syndicate team of 70 players! How much did they win? INR 1770 lakhs! Anyone can play this lottery. It is enjoyed by celebs like George Clooney, Madonna and Paris Hilton. The odds of winning the SuperEna Lottery Pot is 1 in 622,614,630. Additionally, there are 5 more prize tiers to be won.

The US Powerball lottery

The US Powerball lottery is undoubtedly the best lottery on the planet. Its pots are bigger than any type of other lottery around as well as it is one of the leading paying lotteries ever. In the year 2016, it had actually climaxed for the most significant ever drawn prize with a cash prize of over INR 6 crores and 50 lakhs. Yes, it’s a lifetime worth ton of money that can be won with one ticket of US Powerball. Apart from the massive pot amount, the various other reward tiers in this lottery are promising as well. The next US Powerball lottery champion can be you as well as all you need to do is buy the ticket as well as offer your luck a chance.

Mega Millions

This is yet another leading lottery played in the United States as well as likewise in other parts of the world. When it pertains to distributing eye-catching jackpot rewards, it comes just second to the United States Powerball lottery. The highest possible payout from Mega Millions is over 6.48 crores, which gets on par with the greatest United States Powerball lottery.


It is just one of the largest and most popular lotteries in Europe. It is an international lottery, which is organized by France, Spain, Great Britain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland. You can play this lottery from India too, by logging right into the best lottery sites. Euromillions is popular for its incredible payments, which goes across an incredible 1400 lakhs.


The popularity can be corroborated with the amazing lottery prizes to be won. The pot prize can be anywhere between INR 1 crore as well as 9 crores!